Lee Pace in the Golden Age

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Lee Pace as Joe MacMillan in Halt and Catch Fire

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Lee Pace photographed by Sarah Dunn  (x)

Lee Pace photographed by Sarah Dunn  (x)

Requested — Ned going undercover for the dim sum poker game.

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I’d forgotten it’s an important thing to give thought to your morality and how you intend to live your life.”  ~ Lee Pace
"Lee Pace, who is so dear. When I first saw him, I said he’s like a Gary Cooper. He’s bashful, he’s shy, he’s sensitive, he’s a great actor, he’s beautiful, he’s delicious.”  ~ Ellen Greene
Happy Birthday Lee Grinner Pace!!! (25.03.1979)


Thranduil | Lee Pace in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug